Remaining Relative visa Australia

If you have a relative in Australia and he or she happens to be the only one you have in the family, you might get a chance to stay with him or her through the provisions Remaining Relative visa Australia offers you. The details of the Subclass 115 Remaining Relative visa are specified as under-
What you can do with this visa 
With this visa, you will be granted permission to –
1. Stay indefinitely in Australia
2. Work or study in Australia
3. Enrol yourself for the Medicare facility, Australia’s public healthcare scheme
4. Sponsor your relatives so that they can come to Australia
5. Apply for Australian citizenship

Other features of the visa –
The residents who have arrived recently will have to wait for some time till they are allowed by the Australian Government to access Government payment and benefits.

Permission to Travel to and from Australia

You will enjoy the privilege of having permission to travel to and from Australia for any number of times for 5 years. This will be in effect from the date of granting the visa to the date of expiry of the visa. In case you want to travel after the validity period, you will have to apply for a Resident Return (RRV). If granted, it will allow you to again enter Australia as a permanent resident. You can also consider getting Australian citizenship. If you are granted Australian citizenship, you will not require a visa to enter Australia. In case you want to get Australian citizenship, you will have to apply for an Australian passport. You will have to use the passport to leave and re-enter Australia

The length of Your Stay

The visa grants you permanent residency, therefore, you can live in Australia permanently

About Inclusion Of Family

There is a provision for including the family members in the application. You can add the members of your family any time before the decision regarding the visa is taken. The details of all the family members are required in the form, whether they intend to migrate or not. The family members who are applying for a visa need to meet the health and character requirements mentioned by the Australian government

Cost Of The Visa

The visa costs AUD 6415.
There will be an extra charge for each family member who applies for the visa. The visa payment can be done in instalments. The first instalment is paid at the time of the application and the next instalment is submitted when the department asks for it. You may be required to submit extra money for biometrics, health checks, and police certificates. Your presence is required in Australia when you apply for it and when the decision regarding it is taken

Processing Time

The processing time is not specified by us in this category. This type of visa can get delayed due to queuing and capping. The application may take a long time to process if the information has not been filled correctly or all the documents were not included. It might get delayed if more information is required as we need to verify the same.