PR Options In Australia

Australian Permanent Resident Visas: Australia is the ideal dream destination for many people. People who have already worked and lived there are eligible to apply for permanent residency.
If you want a PR in Australia, you can try a lot of options for it-
1. Gain entry through family stream permanent visa
2. Gain entry through work stream permanent visa
3. Gain entry through investor stream permanent visa

You will have to check the conditions before you apply. If the visa specifies a “no further stay” condition, then you will not be allowed to stay in Australia beyond the specified period.

Family-Stream Permanent Residence Visas
  • These kinds of visas apply to spouses or partners, parents, children or dependent relatives of an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia or eligible New Zealand citizen.
  • Children who have been adopted or are in the process of being adopted outside Australia
  • Caregivers who need to move to Australia to offer long term care to a relative. This category includes people who have to move to Australia to provide care to their relative because no one else is available to take care of the concerned person.
Work-Stream Permanent Residence Visas

These kinds of visas are issued to people who want to work in Australia. It is applicable to workers who have been sponsored by an Australian employer.

Business Or investment-Stream Permanent Residence Visas

It is applicable to those people who are willing to explore business or investment opportunities in Australia

Other Options

Besides these options, the Australian government also offers permanent residency for other cases. Following categories are also eligible for getting a PR-

Retirement Visa Pathway

This provision has been granted recently. It allows PR to eligible retired people. It allows PR to people who have been long term residents and have contributed to the establishment of the community. The government has set aside a portion of places from permanent migration for parents.

Former Resident Visa

This visa applies to certain former residents. Under this visa category, you can stay in Australia permanently. You will also be eligible to get enrolled in Medicare or Australia’s public health care scheme. You can go through the website and check your eligibility for the same. Certainly, you will have to fulfil certain conditions.

Distinguished Talent Visas

This visa is meant for people who have shown outstanding achievement and are very well recognized on an international level. It consists of two subclasses-
Distinguished Talent visas(subclass 124)
Distinguished Talent visas(subclass 858)

People who are widely recognized for their talent and creative skills fall under this category.

Refugee And Humanitarian Visas

This kind of visa is offered to people who had to leave their homes due to persecution. These are offered to people who have been dislodged from their home countries due to some unpleasant political conditions.