The Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) is the body which handles the review of decisions taken by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). It mostly handles decisions related to visa refusal and cancellations. If you have been unfortunately rejected a visa, you can appeal to the MRT for reviewing the decision and if possible, getting it reversed. You can file MRT Appeal if you fall under such a category. MRT Processing Time depends on the case and its complexity.

Are you eligible for a review by the Migration Review Tribunal?

You are eligible for review if:

You can apply for application review at the MRT if:
  • You applied for a visa but the Department did not grant it.
  • Your visa was cancelled without any apparent reason (or on automatic or character grounds )
  • The department granted you a subclass 309 or 310 visa overseas before being refused
  • Your application for getting approval as a standard business sponsor or a pre-qualified business sponsor has been rejected.
  • You have applied for the renewal of approval of pre-qualified business sponsor but that has been refused.
  • You are in immigration detention due to the departments’ refusal to grant or cancel a Bridging visa
  • Your approval as a business sponsor has been cancelled under section 137B of the Migration Act 1958.
  • If you have a subclass 100 or 110 visas within Australia and you are in Australia at the time of lodging the review application
  • As an employer, the application of a person nominated for a position has been rejected by the department.
  • The application of visa which is about a decision related to lodging security for visa condition compliance.
  • The application of organizations whose application for approval as a professional development sponsor has been rejected
  • You have been issued a notice under regulation 1.20Q (2) of the Migration Regulations 1994even though you are an approved professional development sponsor.
  • It also covers Organisations whose approval as an approved professional development sponsor has been cancelled due to some reason

What doesn’t lie under the review of MRT?

It can’t help the cases in which:
  • The visa holder’s visa was cancelled when the visa holder was outside Australia.
  • The visa was refused because the visa holder does not have a good character.
  • The visa holder has applied for a protection visa as these cases are handled by the Refugee Review Tribunal (RRTÂ).