Family Sponsored Visa Australia

We are the best Family Sponsored Visa consultants in brisbane. Australia is the dreamland for many of us. The country presents a major opportunity to work, and live in a peaceful environment. The local population is friendly and forthcoming to the migrants. It is a perfect place if you seek a friendly environment, great scenery, pleasant weather, and great professional opportunities.

Australia has been working towards providing great opportunities to the people who are eligible to migrate, whether to study, work or offer care to a relative in need. There are many categories under which aspiring applicants can apply.

If one of your family members has migrated to Australia, then you can do so if the person is willing to sponsor you. There are many rules and eligibility conditions attached to it. The first is that, of course, you should have the sponsorship of the person.

The second condition states that the person willing to sponsor you hold Australian citizenship or an Australian permanent residency . Even an eligible New Zealand citizen can sponsor you. But before we delve deeper into that, we must also consider the proper definition of a relative. According to the Family Visa Sponsorship requirement, the department includes the following people in the category of relatives-

  • Parent
  • Child
  • Sibling (Brother or sister)
  • Grandchild
  • Grandparent
  • Niece or Nephew
  • Aunt or uncle
  • Step relative (of the same degree)

Aged Dependent Relative Category

There is also a provision for applying under Aged Dependent Relative Category which caters to persons who happen to be single, widowed or divorced and financially dependent on a relative based in Australia. This category also comes under Family Visa Sponsorship.

Remaining Relative Category

Under this category, the people who have relatives like a brother, sister or child in Australia who will be all alone if they do not migrate to Australia. This scheme also covers people who are step-relatives of the same degree.

Carer Category

Under this category, the people who intend to provide continuous substantial assistance to an Australian relative who suffers from a serious medical condition are covered. It should be noted that the relative should be in a condition in which he can’t cope up with the basic physical needs of daily living without assistance. Intellectual and sensory impairment will also be considered while judging the condition of the relative.

In this article, we are considering the category of family-sponsored visa. This category recognizes the need of the people to live with their family and/or offer them full support in case of a serious medical or physical condition.